Supplemental Benefits

Fill the gaps and strengthen existing coverage

What are Supplemental Benefits?

Being prepared for the unknown is hard. Knowing which financial service to choose can be both a daunting and confusing experience, especially with life insurance. “How do I know if my coverage will cover x/y/z”? The answer is simple; Supplemental Benefits! Supplemental Benefits are designed to be combined with existing policies and are meant to fill in the gaps that those policies don’t already cover with the financial services they offer in terms of protection.

supplemental benefits by morelife
how do supplemental benefits work

How do they work?

Getting insurance is a lot like putting together a puzzle without all the pieces. Sometimes you can get really far with the pieces you’re given. Sometimes you can’t. What do you do to fill in the missing pieces and make the full picture? That’s where Supplemental Benefits come in. A lot like a puzzle piece, they are designed to be combined with other pieces (existing policy coverage) and help fill in the gaps to create a full picture! When it comes time to pay for the Supplemental Benefits, they work with your existing coverage and you pay for them in addition to the other financial services on your policy!

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