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The MoreLife Difference

Here at MoreLife, you are so much more than just another agent. You’re a member of a family! Here at MoreLife, we serve the state of New York with financial services and life insurance options to the working-class. Become part of the MoreLife family today and start making a difference in your community!

Opportunity Unlimited

At MoreLife, “Opportunity Unlimited” means YOU decide how much you make, how often you work, and – most importantly – how much YOU grow. When working for MoreLife, you’re an independent contractor. That means you are your own boss! That means if you want to make more money, work less, or work more, it’s entirely up to YOU!

Residual Income

As a MoreLife agent, you keep earning! We offer our agents a Residual Income on qualifying policies. What that means is, even after you sell one of our financial services and sign a policy, you will continue to earn on it!

Training Resources

In addition to Agency Office classroom and field sales training, we offer supplemental coaching and training in the financial services we provide, as well as virtual resources that are able to be accessed anywhere in the world whenever you want! This content provides exclusive tips and strategies specifically designed to help you confidently and effectively sell our financial services and products to our proud working-class clients. 

Going Virtual!

With the recent developments of COVID-19 MoreLife, we are more committed than ever to community safety. Until further notice, all MoreLife positions have moved to an entirely remote capacity to ensure the safety of our community and full compliance with COVID-19 guidelines. MoreLife has spent months restructuring how we do business and interact with customers to ensure a contactless, safe, and most importantly, a seamless experience for MoreLife agents and our customers. With recent investments in digital technologies, MoreLife agents are able to work completely virtually from the comfort and safety of their homes.

The MoreLife Difference

Here at MoreLife, you’re so much more than just another agent. You’re a member of the MoreLife family, offering affordable financial services and life insurance options to working-class families. Become a part of a family that not only looks out for its own, but looks out for others too. This is a family that works to help other members improve and grow, not only professionally, but also as an individual. 

MoreLife has been an amazing opportunity for me! After getting laid off during the quartine, I was desperate to find a job before my savings ran out. After learning about MoreLife through an ad, I decided to give them a call and, I have never once thought about looking back. The training was thorough and straightforward and, I’m able to work directly from home, most days even on my couch!

Steven Goggins​

With a kid on the way, money is more important to me now than ever and, I needed to find a way to make some extra money. After doing some research, I found MoreLife and decided to give it a try, with; no experience in the insurance industry, I was skeptical that I’d be able to do it. After doing the training and using the support videos, I was able to get going and, I can confidently say if I can do this, anyone can!”

Kenneth Moore​

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