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About MoreLife Consulting

MoreLife Consulting is a premiere insurance recruiting agency with over 20 combined years of experience. Currently representing two of the biggest names in the insurance industry, National Income Life (NIL) and American Income Life (AIL).


We know and understand the difficulties faced by working-class families and strive to bring them the financial services they need and deserve. At MoreLife consulting, we work in unison with our parent company to provide the vital financial services, information, and charitable resources to ensure the protection and peace of mind of the working-class in New York state. 



Whether it be our professionalism, affordable prices, or highly trained agents, you’ll imminently see the MoreLife difference in the financial services we provide. We specialize in providing Life Insurance and Supplemental Insurance products to the members of Credit Unions, Labor Unions, Associations, and their working-class families. 


At MoreLife, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back to their communities, especially the working-class people who often form the backbones and pillars of our society. That’s why we pride ourselves on our Charitable Projects Incentive, an internal goal to give back to our community and help those who need it most.



We have job opportunities and education programs offering skills and knowledge to the working-class community, as well as providing them with and getting the right financial services for their needs. More than that, we recognize our role in supporting and contributing to the state of New York in any way we can. We work with our parent company National Income Life Insurance to provide assistance to many local charities and foodbanks.

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