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Located in Flushing New York, MoreLife opened with the goal to support and give back to the State of New York with not only amazing Insurance Products but job opportunities. We also work with our parent company National Income Life to give back at local food banks and other charitable organizations. Learn more about MoreLife, what we do, and how we work to support the state of New York every day!

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“Over the summer of 2017 my 9-year-old and I were walking around the mall when I stopped to look at a dress in a store, I let go of her hand for just moments and when I looked down for her she was no where to be found. I panicked! I ran around screaming her name in tears just to find out that she had wondered off to the front of the store. After finding her I knew right there and then I had to do something to make sure that if that ever happened again, I was prepared. That night my husband I found MoreLife’s Child Safe Kit and I called the next morning for an appointment I got 5 kits and gave them out to everyone I could.”

Octavia Samuel

High School Teacher

“After my wife and I had our first baby girl we sat down and had a serious conversation. It was time that we made some changes and invested in Health insurance, the only problem is at the time we were making less than 50k a year and never thought it was possible. After hearing about MoreLife from a work colleague I decided to give them a call, the next day on my lunch break I went in for a consultation. I got amazing coverage and am only paying a few dollars every month. I recommend MoreLife to friends and family and I highly recommend them to you too!”

Reuel Julio

First Responder


George Casimiro


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